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SONEDE INTERNATIONAL is a company founded by the parent who is the National Company for Water Exploitation and Distribution (SONEDE).
SONEDE is a public company that has a monopoly on the production and distribution of drinking water in Tunisia. It also ensures the management, operation and maintenance of networks and structures.
SONEDE was created in 1968. Since then she has achieved very good performance as stipulated in the following indicators:
  • Number of connections: 2,638,000 for a total population in Tunisia of 11 million persons
  • Service rate: 100% urban and 51.3% in rural areas (Water supply is ensured 24 hours 24 throughout the year)
  • Annual production: 627 million m3
  • Volume distributed 570 million m3
  • Efficiency of distribution networks: 77.9%
  • Turnover: € 110 million
  • Annual investment: € 55 million ...

In 2016, and in the context of the WATERSUM project, the Regional Environmental Center (REC) organized, in collaboration with SONEDE International, a drawing contest destinated for students about the theme " water".

In the framework of component II of the Water SUM project for the development and implementation of water security action plans in delegations of  Nefza, Bir Mcherga, and Sidi Ali Ben Aoun , SONEDE INTERNATIONAL, as the national coordinator of the project, is launching three invitations to bid, 

Invitation to bid  AO N° 2/2017 : Bir Mcherga,

Invitation to bid AO N° 3/2017 : Nefza

Invitation to bid AO N° 4/2017 : Sidi Ali Ben Aoun

These three invitations to bid are part of the implementation of pilot projects on behalf of the “Commissariats Régionaux de Développement Agricole” (CRDA) in Zaghouan,Béja and Sidi Bouzid.



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