Expertise in
the field of water

SONEDE International is a wholly export consulting company specialized in conducting hydraulic studies mainly in Africa and the Middle East

Study achievements

Preliminary study design, Detailed study design, economic studies and environmental and social impact studies …

Feasibility studies ; Preliminary study design, Detailed study design, Tender documents;

Assessment of the progress of projects on behalf of donors;

Project monitoring and supervision

Supervision and control of works

Monitoring of pipe laying work and receipt of supplies.

Control and construction of concrete structures

Technical, institutional and organizational assistance

Technical assistance in all fields related to water (diagnostic studies, network management, technical documents, tender specifications, examination of tenders, selection of contractors, contract assignments);

Drinking water management

Management and operation of water production and distribution networks: Improvement of the drinking water networks efficiency and implementation of an effective action plan to search water leaks and alleviate the volume of unbilled water;

More than 10 years at the international level

SONEDE International was created in October 20, 2009. It is derived from the Tunisian National Company of Operation and Distribution of Water SONEDE in order to get benefit in a structured and professional way from its large experience and knowledge developped since its inception on July 02th 1968 to date, to share good practices in water distribution with other water utilities in the World and particularly in Africa and Asia and to meet major needs of international stakeholders in the water sector.

Experience in Africa

Since its creation in 2009, SONEDE International intervened in the following countries: Mauritania, Mauritius, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger,Tunisia, Chad and Union of the Comoros (sole consultant or as lead partner), Djibouti, Guinea, Uzbekistan and Senegal (as a partner), Algeria, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville and Rwanda (sub-contracted).

SONEDE in figures

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23 March 2021

Awareness campaign on water saving

23 March 2021

Awareness campaign on water saving

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