Fields of activities

Study achievements :

  • Hydraulic projects design covering the technical, economic, financial and environmental level;
  • Master plans for drinking water and wastewater networks;
    Strategic studies;
  • Rehabilitation and extension studies: hydraulic structures, networks, treatment stations, pumping stations and desalination plants of brackish water and sea water;
  • Energy efficiency of hydraulic systems;
  • Research and development projects;
  • Institutional studies of the water sector: organization of the water sector, identification of its stakeholders and analysis of the information system;
  • Management studies, organization, Quality system, Environmental aspect;
  • Water tariff studies;
  • Studies to improve both service quality and customers satisfaction.

Project monitoring and supervision :

  • Project assessment: Reports for financial institutions;

  • Progress Monitoring and control of works.

Technical, institutional and organizational assistance :

  • Technical assistance in all fields related to water (diagnostic studies, network management, technical documents, tender specifications, examination of tenders, selection of contractors, contract assignments);
  • Institutional and organizational assistance: Setting management rules and process manuals; Assistance in the preparation of terms of reference and bid documents to purchase and configure standard software : Commercial System ; Human Ressources, Financial and accounting system, Procurement and inventory management;
  • Assistance and monitoring configuring works and data integration from the former to the new standard : Commercial system, Human ressources, Financial and accounting system Procurement and stock management;
  • Training and assistance in various fields to improve technical skills as well as accounting, financial and commercial management of water utilities;
  • Technical, financial and accounting audit of hydraulic assets of water utilities;
  • Project appraisal and assistance for presentation of funding requests to international financial institutions.

Drinking water management :

  • Management and operation of water production and distribution networks: Improvement of the drinking water networks efficiency and implementation of an effective action plan to search water leaks and alleviate the volume of unbilled water;
  • Operation and maintenance of water treatment plants and pumping stations;
  • Operation and maintenance of desalination plants;
  • Customer management.


The SONEDE International 2016-2020 training plan includes 38 themes and covers 11 areas namely:


Water treatment and sanitary control


Monitoring of works






Staff integration

Support functions

Training plan

This program is provided mainly at the SONEDE Training Integrated Center in Tunis  by highly experimented SONEDE executives and engineers with more than ten years of experience in the specified field.

This program can be extended to other areas of activities and cover other topics requested by water companies. Practical training actions on site can also be considered. In addition to PowerPoint presentations and practical training, trained agents benefit from a rich documentation provided on CD and in hard copy